The following process should be followed to be admitted / occupy a residence room here at Proline Film Academy:

01 - Admission into an academic program does not automatically imply occupation of any of PFA’s residences.
The application for accommodation must be submitted in person or emailed to ( [email protected] ) and Remember you should apply in time as there are limited spaces available at our campus.

02 - If the student’s Residence application was successful, the student will receive a residence occupancy letter ( by email ) requesting the student to pay a deposit of 3months within 7 working days. The student needs to provide proof of payment and acceptance form to the Residence office within 3 working days, confirming that the student accepts his / her place in residence

03 - If, after occupancy, the student is no longer interested in staying in the Residence, he / she needs to sign a decline form to enable Proline Film Academy to process a refund.

04 - Should the Residences be fully occupied, waiting lists will be compiled and students will be contacted (by email or telephone) as soon as a room becomes available.

05 - The residence deposit does not confirm that your application is successful.
Should you be offered accommodation and you accept but do not take up the room, you will forfeit your entire deposit.
The proof of payment must reflect your student number as the reference or if you have paid via our Kampala branch then immediately they will work on your reservation process.


There is a very high demand for accommodation; it is recommended that you apply as early as possible.
Offers for accommodation are on a “ first come first served ” basis.

Now for those who may want to stay in private appartments, Kampala has a variety of accommodation options for students of all types.
Depending on your budget and preferred level of independence, it is possible to find the ideal residence to suit your study, as well as enjoy the rich variety of exciting things the city of Kampala has to offer.


Proline Film Academy is a private independent film school which specializes in industry training.
This means that we do not follow the same fee structure as other higher education institutions in Uganda.
Proline Film Academy will every year support Ten Female candidates on a full 1year diploma course to empower the girl child in Uganda.

However Proline Film Academy Limited ( P.F.A) will work hand in hand with all Ugandan Citizens that would love to be financed by the Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (H.E.S.F.B).
The Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) is a body Corporate established by an Act of Parliament, number 2 of 2014, to provide both Loans and Scholarships to Ugandan Students to pursue higher Education.
The 1995 constitution chapter 4. article 30 provides that all persons have a right to Education and this is expounded in the preamble to the constitution which provides for national objectives and directive principles of state policy that directs the state to take appropriate, measures to afford every Ugandan equal opportunities to attain the highest standards possible.


1: To increase equitable access to higher education in Uganda;
2: To support highly qualified students who may not afford higher education;
3: To ensure regional balance in higher education services in Uganda;
Please for more information about the funding and Scholarship programs at the (HESFB) to all Ugandan citizenship students follow this Link