Color Grading:

Many people when they think of color correction and talk about color correction most of the time they just want to know only how to create " a Look ".
I really wanna emphasize that if all you are doing is getting Looks then you're missing the point.
Because Creating a " Look " is easy,
But it's executing a look on a series of shots consistently that is the challenge.

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In order to Learn color correction easily, you should first learn how to create the base grade, forming up the image, setting the saturation, then do the shot matching.
Because when we do the shot matching before the " Looks " Creation, all the Highlights, Shaddows, Color, Satulation,
Color temperature all will match and when we apply a Look on top of that it affects all those different shots equally.

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So if you're most interested into making looks then i suggest you start from the beginning of your shot then see what the processes look like.
Now before you get started with grading your shots, I wanna talk about what i call the Singularity Effect.

Singularity Effects:

This simply means the key when creating the " Looks" and there are two types of Looks besically in this world.
1: Looks that are supposed to look Real.
2: Looks that are supposed to look Unreal.

So how do you tell the difference ,
well it turns out that there is a color in the spectrum that absolutely everyone considers this is what that color is, and i call this singularity effect, because i'm talking about the black holes.
A Black hole is otherwise known as a Singularity and no light escapes a black hole.

Black holes are a force of nature and it turns out that Color black is a force of nature so if you want your " Looks " to come off looking real, then control your blacks, keep them pure, in other wise keep them black.

Now for example when you look at a faded photograpgh it looks old, but what's making it change that looks to be old, simply because the blacks have lifted,
May be the color have seperated but it's the lifted blacks that our brains look at and say thats not black, It's a dream sequence or flash back, that's how you creat Looks that are not Real just by throwing off the black.

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