Illustrator CC

Comprehensive Overview of Adobe Illustrator CC


Adobe Illustrator CC is an industry-leading vector graphics software developed by Adobe Inc. It is an essential tool for designers, illustrators, and artists, offering a versatile platform for creating everything from logos and icons to complex illustrations and print designs. At Proline Film Academy, Adobe Illustrator CC is the primary software used in our Advanced Graphics for Print course, empowering students with the skills necessary for professional graphic design in various industries.

Key Features:

1. Vector Graphics:
Illustrator is renowned for its powerful vector graphics capabilities. Unlike raster graphics, vector graphics use mathematical equations to define shapes, making them infinitely scalable without loss of quality.
This feature is crucial for print design, ensuring that the output maintains crispness and clarity at any size.

2. Precision and Control:
The software provides precise control over every element in a design.
Students can manipulate anchor points, paths, and curves with accuracy, allowing for intricate detailing and refinement.
This level of control is vital for creating intricate illustrations and complex graphic compositions.

3. Drawing Tools:
Adobe Illustrator CC comes equipped with a variety of drawing tools, including the Pen tool, Pencil tool, and Shape tools.
These tools enable students to create and edit paths, shapes, and freeform drawings, fostering creativity and versatility in design projects.

4. Typography:
Typography is a cornerstone of graphic design, and Illustrator offers an extensive set of tools for working with text.
Students can manipulate fonts, styles, and spacing, and even convert text to editable vector shapes.
This functionality is essential for creating visually appealing and professional-looking print materials.

5. Color Management:
Illustrator provides a robust color management system, allowing students to work with a wide range of color modes and profiles.
The software supports CMYK, RGB, and other color modes crucial for print design.
The ability to create and manage swatches ensures consistency across various elements in a project.

6. Integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud Apps:
Illustrator seamlessly integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and InDesign.
This integration allows for a smooth workflow, enabling students to combine vector graphics, raster images, and layouts seamlessly for comprehensive design projects.

7. Print and Export Options:
Adobe Illustrator CC is optimized for print design, offering advanced print settings and export options.
Students can prepare files for various print outputs, ensuring compatibility with different printing processes and requirements. Course Objectives:

At Proline Film Academy, the Advanced Graphics for Print course aims to:

Develop Proficiency:
Equip students with a strong command of Adobe Illustrator CC, fostering proficiency in vector graphic creation, manipulation, and refinement.

Enhance Creativity:
Encourage students to explore their creative potential by leveraging the diverse set of tools and features offered by Illustrator.

Prepare for Print Production:
Train students to prepare print-ready files, considering color management, resolution, and other technical aspects crucial for professional print production.

Encourage Collaboration:
Foster an understanding of how Illustrator integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, promoting efficient collaboration in real-world design projects.


Adobe Illustrator CC stands as an indispensable tool for graphic designers, providing a comprehensive suite of features tailored for print design. The Advanced Graphics for Print course at Proline Film Academy ensures that students master this powerful software, empowering them to create impactful and professional graphics for a variety of print applications.