To make a film means to be a producer, requiring a combination of the art and techniques of film narration and the tricks of finance.
Being a producer is also about giving adequate answers to questions that underlie the desire and reasons for producing:
What to produce? Why?   How?
Both objectively and subjectively, these questions determine the entire cultural or commercial vision, the strategy behind any movie or video production. [ says Mr. Henry Nsereko Kiwanuka ]

Proline Film Academy ( PFA ) is a pioneer film school in East Africa ( Uganda, Kampala ).
At P.F.A you benefit from up-to-date practical film training to film & TV standard across all the key areas of filmmaking, shooting your films on film & current digital formats with location sound recording, and working with renowned filmmakers & video editors such as
Henry Nsereko Kiwanuka A.K.A ( Kiwasonic ) Read more........

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main free training from Proline Film Academy

Introduction to Advanced Keying in Premiere Pro.
Master essential green screen skills in Premiere Pro! This focused free training provides 13min. of high-quality video training on shooting green screen and covers advanced keying in Premiere.
Author, trainer, and production/compositing expert Henry A.K.A - Kiwasonic starts by introducing you to various concepts and explains how to create the rin screen scenario for your upcoming Music Videos.
Learning Level: Intermediate


Selector video by Proline Film Academy
Melody video by Proline Film Academy
Brown video by Proline Film Academy
Fyonna Nsubuga video by Proline Film Academy
Mama video by Proline Film Academy
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Graduates from Proline Film Academy diploma course

Student's Testmonials

former diploma candidate from Proline Film Academy

The 1year Diploma course has been memorable in more than one sense. Apart from the knowledge, I gained some good friends and everlasting memories.
I would like to thank my classmates and the faculty of Proline Academy who have always helped me in my endeavor to understand the art of editing. My special regards to Kiwasonic.

2015 former diploma candidate from Proline Film Academy

Now I know who I am, and I know I’ll be much better with the opportunity I have gained at PFA. Thanks for this opportunity to learn all the techniques and the discipline it takes to succeed.
I have opened new perspectives and windows to improve myself and develop in this new phase.
The education I received from my teachers was the most excellent quality and a stimulus to be better every day.

former Burundi diploma candidate from Proline Film Academy

Hi guys, I have come all the way from Burundi to Uganda, Kampala to do my Film and Television course here at PFA, I appreciate the advanced compositing Vfx course at Proline Film Academy for it's compact syllabus and the good balance between theory classes and practicals.
The friendly and cooperative atmosphere makes it a joy to study here.