Guidelines for new students:

At Proline Film Academy, English is the language of instruction.
An orientation course for new students is organized at the start of study, The course includes counseling, guidance and tutoring in small groups. It aims at preparing & assisting students in all difficulties they may encounter during there course of study, it helps them get to know their new study environment, as well as understanding the Academy's various certificate's programs, departments and administration.


Please remember If you are a non-Ugandan applicant , we will not be able to issue you with a confirmation of Acceptances for studies until we have received full payment of the course fee.. All students are required to make a deposit of 20% payment in order to secure their place during the course booking.
Please also check out our Admissions Privacy Policy

Important Notice for Non-Ugandan ( East African Member State) Citizens:

Any foreign national intending to enter into Uganda for purposes of study should know the following:
1. Obtain Uganda visa (if visa prone) to facilitate his /her entry into the country. (Uganda visas may be obtained at Uganda missions abroad or on arrival at the country’s ports of entry)
2. Enter into Uganda from and through only authorized ports of entry.
3. Present valid passport to the Immigration officer at port of entry.
4. Declare purpose of entry into Uganda and intended institution of training.
5. Proceed to designated immigration office after entry and obtain student pass for study in Uganda.


All immigrants in Uganda should respect and oblige with national immigration laws, guidelines and formalities.
Visas & Student passes do not permit gainful or voluntary employment in Uganda.

All East African Community nationals studying or seeking to study in Uganda, must obtain student passes from designated immigration offices.
Student Passes for EAC nationals are issued at NO COST.

Other nationals should pay the Visa fees in the bank.
You should be aware that Proline Film Academy co-operates fully with the Uganda immigration in the monitoring and control of Non-Ugandan citizens who enter Uganda for the purposes of study. Such cooperation includes the disclosure of information about individual students concerning their status, mode of study, attendance and contact details.

Do you require a student visa to study in Uganda?
we can help you in all the processing for your student visa in order to book your place here at Proline Film Academy, Read more......

Guidwlines for New Students at P.F.A:

Please remember If you are a non-Ugandan applicant , we will not be able to issue you with a confirmation of Acceptances for studies until we have received full payment of the course fees.

English is the language of instruction, though we have also an English for foreigners Language course:
The course "English Language and Culture 1" is intended for new film students from non-English-speaking countries, who have no or very little previous knowledge of the English language.
It is highly recommended for students who wish to acquaint themselves with the English language, culture & country.
The course is also for those who wish to learn basic language skills. Various exercises (including vocabulary, language structure, presentations, group work and discussions) are included.
Students also get to know more about Uganda, Ugandan films,theater, design and modern art.


Students are expected to have there own Laptops or PC for there home-work since we provide all the necessary Film tools & computers here at our main Studios [ Proline Studios ] All students participate actively in the course and do independent work /practicals.
- All Film Students have to attend at least 80% of the lessons in order to get the full package of the course.
To book your place on any of our Film courses please download our Registration Form and Brochure for course details and fees. After filling the form scan it send it back with 2 Passport photos to this Email: [email protected], then immediately.
We shall email you a confirmation with details on how you can pay for your course as soon as we receive your booking.