To produce a film in Uganda is an act of resistance, It is about looking at the world’s stories and giving one’s opinion about them, capturing and inquiring about collective memory, attracting, entertaining and informing. It is also about making Ugandans realize that cinema is a powerful tool for development.
Proline Film Academy was created to provide a new level of film education to students training to work in the industry, whether as directors, writers, Photographers, producers, cinematographers or any of the many different and challenging crew roles involved in the production of major motion pictures.

Proline Film Academy is a private independent film school which specializes in industry training. This means that we do not follow the same fee structure as other higher education institutions in Uganda. Proline Film Academy will every year support Ten Female candidates on a full 1year Diploma course to empower the girl child in Uganda.

Do you have the photography bug? On the other hand, perhaps, moving pictures are your passion.
Do you love shooting at every angle and capturing every moment? If you answered yes, then keep reading because these scholarships are seriously right up your alley!
Whether you’re interested in photography or filmmaking as a hobby or seriously taking it on as a part of your career, you might want to look into the Proline Film Academy's Photography & Filmmaking scholarships.
As you probably already know, being a great photographer takes more than just a great photo, it takes great photographers years of study to develop the skill set to create seemingly perfect shots.
The same goes for the art of filmmaking, those shots don’t create themselves! Someone is behind the camera creating every angle and capturing every moment.

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With Proline Film Academy's photography and filmmaking scholarships, you’ll have the unique opportunity to pursue your passion and ultimately become a professional in the field if that’s what you decide you’d like to do.

The P.F.A scholarship program only targets highly qualified Ugandan Youth who may not afford higher education but want to acquire the advanced Photography & Filming knowledge to use it as a tool of finance in order to overcome poverty.
The main requirement for any youth to enroll on Proline Film Academy's Funding scheme, you should have a Laptop and also computer knowledge because all our advanced courses dive straight to the softwares.
Please note that the following photography and filmmaking scholarships and internships are listed according to deadline.


1: To increase equitable access to higher education in Uganda through filming
2: To support highly qualified youth who may not afford higher education to use filming as a source of finance in order to overcome poverty.
3: To ensure regional balance in higher education services in Uganda.
4: To ensure qualified youth in Uganda meet the local, national and global higher education challenges in the future.

However Proline Film Academy Limited ( P.F.A) will work hand in hand with all Ugandan Citizens that would love to be financed by the Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (H.E.S.F.B).
The Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB) is a body Corporate established by an Act of Parliament, number 2 of 2014, to provide both Loans and Scholarships to Ugandan Students to pursue higher Education.
The 1995 constitution chapter 4. article 30 provides that all persons have a right to Education and this is expounded in the preamble to the constitution which provides for national objectives and directive principles of state policy that directs the state to take appropriate, measures to afford every Ugandan equal opportunities to attain the highest standards possible.

Please for more information about the funding and Scholarship programs at the (HESFB) to all Ugandan citizenship students follow this Link