Advanced Video Editing Course:

There are many reasons for shooting with multiple cameras. Perhaps it's to save time or achieve multiple angles. Or it might be to capture what's happening across a large area, like a sports arena or the stage during a concert.
Luckily for editors, Adobe Premiere Pro supports editing and syncing footage from multiple cameras in situations like these. The multicamera editing process in Premiere is similar to live switching that occurs in mobile studios and newsrooms, and helps speed up the post-processing workflow.
In this course, PFA tutors reviews that workflow, showing you how to ingest footage and align it properly, as well as finish your video with color-correction and color-matching techniques.

Students introduction to advanced camera settings at Proline Film Academy
Video editing class at Proline Film Academy

We Are The Best

To make a film means to be a producer, requiring a combination of the art and techniques of film narration and the tricks of finance.
Being a producer is also about giving adequate answers to questions that underlie the desire and reasons for producing:
What to produce? Why? How?

Both objectively and subjectively, these questions determine the entire cultural or commercial vision, the strategy behind any movie or video production.
[ says Mr. Henry Nsereko Kiwanuka ]

Why Chose PFA?

Many successful video editors are self-taught, they know the fundamentals but their challenge is subtle gaps in knowledge and experience.
This course is intended to give a solid grounding in the principles of Premiere Pro, followed by advanced professional workflows designed to polish your results and make you a more efficient user.
Our advanced tutors explain how to personalize the interface to make Premiere Pro work better for you, understand and manage the relationships between projects and media, and edit faster using advanced tools.
Learn a variety of “super skills” that will make you look like a seasoned pro.

Students learning sound recording during their onlocation hands on practicals at Proline Film Academy

Learn Advanced Video Editing & Sound Recording for your Music videos & Documentaries.......
With this course you Learn how to make Advanced Music Videos, Documentaries, Films and master your sound recording with Adobe Audition.
Throughout this course we will dive deep into advanced video editing methods and techniques, Professional editors know several secrets such as the "5 Rules of Editing" and "Eisenstein's Theories of Montage" Once you know these theories and other editing techniques, you'll be able to take your editing skills to the next level.

These theories and techniques will improve your abilities as an editor immensely.
This Program walks you threw the entire process of getting footage from the Camera, cutting it into nice pieces for further compositing.
In-fact here you learn how to Produce Advanced Sequences Without Leaving Your Editor Program which is Premiere Pro CC.
Premiere Pro is primarily a nonlinear editing system designed for fast cutting of multiple media types, but it is also an advanced special effects and compositing tool.
In this course, master editor Henry A.K.A Kiwasonic describes the tools and options available to create complex compositions using just Premiere Pro, without involving After Effects or Photoshop.

During our Documentary class, Find out how to highlight a cause, express a point of view, and tell a story with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and some essential documentary video editing techniques. This course breaks down the documentary process into a series of stages that correspond to the milestones of a real client project.
At our Film School with this advanced video edting course, you Start your class with a practical documentary shoot , you'll discover how to identify the key messaging concepts and log the footage, then find out how to assemble rough and fine-tuned cuts, and layer in motion graphics and a credit roll.
You’ll learn how to adjust opacity, use garbage mattes and track mattes, and create nested sequences, as well as how to work with chroma keys, luma keys, and the Ultra Keyer. By the end of this course, you will be able to layer multiple media elements to produce advanced sequences as compositions.

Why Choose Us

Video is a personal, powerful, and dynamic artform for transforming raw footage into impactful stories, filmmakers and editors look to Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading application.
Learn how the pros do it and translate their techniques to your own work

  • Professional Workflow

    Discover how to save time and disc space and get more billable work done using Dynamic Link, the Adobe technology that allows you to use files from other Adobe apps inside your Premiere Pro projects.
    Dynamic Link enables you to avoid intermediate renders, and the need to keep multiple copies of files. Dive in and learn how to add After Effects compositions, Audition audio clips, Photoshop images, and more, to your sequences.

  • Great Experience

    Have you ever wondered how to inject more emotion into your video productions as an editor?
    If so, Advanced Color Grading in Adobe SpeedGrade CC and Premiere Pro is the perfect way to add another dimension in your projects.
    In this advanced course you will go beyond the fundamentals of video editing by learning how to isolate color into primary and secondary layers for pixel-perfect tone correction.
    This will allow you to create powerfully effective imagery that cannot be done inside of Premiere Pro alone.

  • Qualified Render techniques

    If you want to get the most out of Premiere Pro alongside Adobe's other creative applications, this course is perfect for you. In this course, Premiere Pro Workflows Between Creative Cloud Apps, you'll be taken on a tour of the various Dynamic Link and roundtrip workflows available to Premiere Pro

fast track Video editing students graduation ceremony at Proline Film Academy
Film students learning motion camera cranes and jibs at Proline Film Academy

Our Benefits

Through filming we transform youth to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs into agents of change as you advance your life and discover your purpose in order to close the unemployment gap within the youth.

  • New Technology

    360 degree VR video is the most immersive and powerful form of content creation that is just now being realized by the general public.
    This new paradigm of video is a great chance for you to leverage immersive visual storytelling like never before.

  • Fix it in Postproduction

    Even under the best lighting conditions, your footage can have exposure problems. The command to "just fix it in post" is possible to fulfill with the right post-production tools and techniques. This course shows you how to correct issues and improve video with Premiere Pro.

  • Advanced Graphics

    Have you ever wondered how to make animated graphics that you can re-use in your future video projects?
    If so, Premiere Pro Graphics is the perfect course for you because you will learn how to create stylish and hip animated graphics, such as lower thirds and captions, to make your video stand out!
    Proline Film Academy is a pioneer film school in  Uganda, Kampala where you benefit from up-to-date practical film training to film & TV standard across all the key areas of filmmaking.

  • Documentary Storytelling

    What makes a documentary compelling?
    How do you tell your best story?
    Join PFA tutors for a tactical, inspiring class on balancing artistry and authenticity in short films
    Find out how to highlight a cause, express a point of view, and tell a story with Adobe Premiere Pro and some essential documentary editing techniques. This course breaks down the documentary process into a series of stages that correspond to the milestones of a real client project.

01. About Our Advanced Video Editing Course: Inside the COURSE CONTENTS


[A] - All creatives with a passion for visual communication and artists who would like to get an indepth in the video editing world.
[B] - High School leavers who need to join filming in general.
[C] - Marketing and communication professionals who would like to gain a better understanding of the creative workflow.
[D] - Entrepreneurs who would like to be able to design and edit graphics for their corporate communication such as Company functions, Documentary, Music Videos, Business Interviews.

Video editing class at Proline Film Academy


Our film school is recognized as a place dedicated to developing your unique voice as a filmmaker and ultimately the place from which you can launch your career through the work you will produce and the many industry professionals you will meet during your time with us..

Video editing students learning lighting onlocation at Proline Film Academy

Pro - Lighting

Part of what makes Proline Film Academy one of the best Media schools in East Africa is the vast variety of film workshops designed for every schedule and learning goal.
Our Media school is the perfect place to turn your passion into practice.

Video editing class learning environment at Proline Film Academy

Modern Classes

Our mission is to inspire a new generation of creative professionals. We bring the education and screen industries together in a creative environment, driven by great teaching and practical, hands-on experience, led by inspiring role models.

Video editing class learning filming gears at Proline Film Academy

High-tech gears

Beyond the theory and history of cinema, Our Media school places an emphasis on hands-on experience.
P.F.A offers a wide variety of workshops in filmmaking that allow students to obtain a strong foundation in a short period of time.

Semester One:

  • Introduction to Premiere Pro CC interface
  • Introduction to Premiere Pro CC workflow
  • Fundamentals of Video Cameras and Shooting
  • Introduction to Animations in Premiere Pro CC
  • Advanced Chroma Keying in Premiere Pro CC
  • Advanced Typography in Premiere Pro CC
  • Advanced Intro to Markers in Premiere Pro CC
  • Editing a Documentary in Premiere Pro CC
  • Premiere Pro CC Customization
  • Shooting & Post Production with DSLR Cameras
  • Introduction to LUTs in Premiere Pro CC
  • Advanced Compositing in Premiere Pro CC
  • Advanced Color Grading in Premiere Pro CC
  • Advanced Sound workflow in Premiere Pro CC
  • Advanced Render techniques
  • Editing a music Video in Premiere Pro CC
  • Integrating Premiere Pro with other advanced Compositing Programs
  • Multi-Camera Video Production & Post Production Techniques
  • Advanced Commercial Editing Techniques
  • Advanced Cutting with Music for Promos
  • Indie Filmmaking - Achieving the Blockbuster Look on a DIY Budget
  • Shooting and Post Production with RED Cameras
  • Short Documentary Filmmaking
  • Mastering Compression Settings in Premiere Pro and Media Encoder
  • The Art of Filmmaking and Editing
  • How to use Gopro for Outdoor Photography
  • Video Post-Production for Low-budget Films

Semester Two:

  • Introduction to Adobe Audition CC interface
  • Syncing Sound workflow
  • Editing Dialogue & Location Sound in Audition
  • Advanced Workflow With SFX and Music
  • Mixing To Picture in Audition CC
  • Working with the Multitrack Editor and Mixer Panel in Audition CC
  • Foundations of Video (The Art of Editing)
  • Mirrorless 4K Cameras for Video Production
  • Introduction to Photoshop CC interface
  • Introduction to Photoshop for film workflow
  • Aerial Photography & Videography with Drones
  • Introduction to Cinematic Drone video Post-Production
  • Matte Painting And Compositing for film
  • Advanced Documentary Photo Techniques with Photoshop and After Effects
  • Close & Open Caption workflows
  • Dynamic Link & the Adobe workflow
  • Advanced Editing Theories and Techniques in Premiere Pro
  • Corporate Filmmaking
  • Understanding the VFX Pipeline Creating Great Looking Shots
  • Advanced Narrative Scene Editing with Premiere Pro
  • Introduction to Illustrator workflow
  • Converting Pixels to Vectors in Illustrator CC
  • Type Design introduction to effects in illustrator CC
  • Advanced Camera Movements for Video Production

Semester Three:

  • Introduction to After Effects CC interface
  • Introduction to advanced Compositing with After effects CC
  • Advanced Motion Tracking with the Foundry Camera tracker
  • Introduction to Advanced Shape Layers workflow
  • Advanced Text Treatments in After Effects CC
  • The Art of Color Correction & Artistic Color grading on the timeline
  • Video & Audio for Designers with Creative Cloud
  • Principles of Animation in After Effects
  • Advanced Compositing Tracking and Roto Techniques with After Effects CC
  • Advanced Integration with Photoshop, Illustrator and After effects Production Techniques
  • Green & Blue Screen Production Principals
  • Action Scene Editing Techniques
  • 360 Video Production and Post
  • Introduction to Red Giant Softwares
  • Complete Training for GenArts Sapphire
  • Advanced Video Dialogue Editing
  • Advanced Compositing and Masks in Premiere Pro
  • Advanced 3D Titling for Video Editors
  • Fix It in Post
  • Video Production with Creative Suite
  • Advanced Art Of Trailer Editing
  • Introduction to Wedding Cinematography
  • Introduction to all advanced third-party Plugins for Premiere
  • Directing a Music Video (On-Location Practicals)
  • Camera & Lighting ( On-Location Practicals )


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Boris FX Softwares
  • Digital Anarchy
  • Red Giant softwares & all Compatible Plugins for all main softwares


What do Video Editors do?:

People interested in working with video and film editing can choose from roles as editors for television, motion pictures, or commercials.
Other editing jobs might include becoming a senior editor in charge of an editing team or a multimedia specialist working exclusively in the digital world.

Job Tittles for this Course:
- Television Studio Editor.
- Film Editor - Senior Video Editor
- Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technicians.
- Multimedia Artist and Animator

Career Information for Video Editing:

Television Studio Editor:
Television studio editors could work at a network in a studio or for a local company as a live programming editor.
These professionals may polish up a video product or work with news or sports producers, cutting together video footage or live action.
Television editors are always working under a stop watch.

All edited interviews, sports highlights, or news spots have to meet specific time constraints to fit the allotted slot on the program.
These jobs require a degree, and many studios and stations offer internships that can later lead to jobs.

Film Editor:
Film editors will usually work very closely with directors and producers to select recorded scenes for editing, engage special effects, and mix sound, music and dialogue to create a finished product.
In some instances, these professionals may need to do the actual camera work, edit some material on the spot, do some basic sound work, and work closely with teams on lighting, special effects, music, sound, and make-up.

Senior Video Editor:
Senior video editors are the people in charge of an editing crew and may work for a company that does film, video and editing work for a variety of clients for commercial or private use.
These editors have the experience to take the lead in meetings with clients and sales teams to come up with a goal and theme.
Senior video editors advise and oversee the working of the editing staff to meet those expectations.

Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician:
Broadcast and sound engineering technicians work with radio, television and audio equipment, and their job duties may including editing video as well as audio.
They aid in the recording of sound and video and may mix the product with special effects, as well as dubbing in (or removing) different sounds from the film.
They may also convert the final product to various digitized formats.
These professionals typically need either an associate's Diploma or a certificate.

Multimedia Artist & Animator:
Multimedia specialists are often found working exclusively in the digital realm, where they create, animate and edit video for the internet.
These experts work with a team to set goals, storyboard ideas, film or animate material and digitize everything to post online.