Advanced WEDDING Photography Course:

The main goal behind this indepth wedding course is to create the most comprehensive resource on everything it takes to create compelling wedding images as well as the tools needed to start and run a successful wedding photography business.
No matter if you are brand new to photography or if you are already shooting weddings professionally, this advanced course will teach you everything we know about wedding photography so you can either start your own business from scratch or take your existing business to the next level.
Throughout this course, you will complete a series of photo projects that will be reviewed and evaluated by your professional teacher, a professional photographer there to help you improve.
By the time you finish your program, you will have a portfolio of high-quality photos as well as the skills and confidence necessary to succeed as a professional wedding photographer.

Joy Porter teaching the photography calss at Proline Film Academy
on location hands-on experience photography class at Proline Film Academy

We Are The Best

Whether you want to know how to become a professional commercial photographer or how to become a professional photographer in general, the quickest way to start making money with your camera may be wedding photography.
Our advanced wedding photography course will teach you just that.
Where does fashion photography meet wedding photography?
Learn the secrets to creating cutting-edge, fashionable wedding images and albums with this course.
Using live demonstrations and engaging how-to lessons, PFA tutors will take you step-by-step through the creation of a perfect wedding package including how to choose the right business model, pose the bride and groom on their big day, and design a timeless wedding album that your clients will treasure forever.

Why Chose PFA?

Proline Film Academy offers courses which are thoroughly researched, extensively examined, and beautifully produced. We specialize in crafting customized and entertaining learning journeys that are comprehensive, factual, and fascinating. 
Learn how to create beautiful wedding albums in Lightroom CC! Join PFA  as we share our favorite design tips, tricks, and techniques for creating wedding photo books with high impact.
We take you through the process, from beginning to end, showing you how to get started with your book, maximize the Lightroom interface for an efficient workflow, how to add photos, customize pages, work with text, and all the while sharing our insights into how to design your layouts like a pro.
If your wedding photography needs an upgrade, join us for this A-Z guide to high-end wedding photography with Proline Film Academy's tutors.
our renowned subject-matter experts are vetted and hand-selected for their ability to teach and to make even the most complex concepts accessible and enjoyable.


Photography students learning how to work with exposure during the on-location practicals at Proline Film Academy

Couples want to capture their commitment to each other in high-quality, creatively shot photographs. They also expect their bliss to appear natural and evocative. Photographers who are trying to build their engagement photography portfolio need to be able to juggle both technical and creative expectations. PFA's Incredible Engagement Photography course will teach students how to strike this balance with basic equipment.

 Being a wedding photographer is stressful work. Your clients’ wedding day is one of the most important moments of their lives.
They’ve invested a tremendous amount of time, money, and emotional energy preparing for the one big day, and now they’re counting on you to deliver gorgeous, memorable images of this special day. But if you’re up for the challenge, wedding photography can also be incredibly lucrative, satisfying, and fun.
This comprehensive, advanced wedding photography course is designed to provide you with all the wedding photography tips and tools you need to start, run, and grow a successful business. Taught by renowned professional photographers from PFA will prepare you for both the expected and unexpected, and give you the confidence you need to be the best you can be.

PFA tutors will cover all of the critical business aspects of wedding photography, including developing a detailed business plan, marketing your talents, and setting your prices. We shall take you on a real wedding event where you can see first-hand how to shoot that special day, including advice on posing, lighting, and timing. By the end of this intensive course, you’ll be ready to develop a rewarding career as a wedding photographer.

Our inspiring wedding Photography course is for those wanting to super charge their wedding photography.
Highlights include wedding shoots at amazing locations, excellent digital editing training and a marketing and business masterclass.
Best described as a total eduction in modern wedding photography, Proline Film Academy's wedding course will teach you all the different skills today’s wedding photographer requires.
This course is a blend of hands-on shooting, classroom theory, editing techniques and business tips to get your photography thriving.
The time spent in the classroom is focussed on theory such as how to approach the wedding day, the best equipment to use, different shooting styles, albums & framing, marketing yourself and what todays clients want.


Why Choose Us

We aim at providing every single student with unequaled personal support and professional training, which is the reason why we had to expand. Entrance to any of our full-time Photography courses is based on a competitive interview and application process

  • Who is this Course for?

    This course is typically made up of hobbyist photographers at a real mixture of levels, looking to get into shooting weddings professionally in some capacity. It would also suit a photographer somewhat experienced in another field, but all topics are started from the ground up assuming no prior knowledge. We just recommend that you know your own camera well..

  • Great Experience

    For those looking for a total change in career, our Academy programme is just the ticket. Our wedding course will teach you the essentials of becoming a portrait and wedding photographer, culminating in helping you launch your business a true launchpad for a great career in wedding and portrait photography. Over the last 10 years we’ve built a strong reputation and pride ourselves on the quality of our professional trainers, the content and structure of our courses and our natural relaxed learning style.

  • From Capture to Print

    To be able to see and hold a photograph you’ve taken can be a powerful experience, especially if the image looks exactly as you envisioned when clicking the shutter. PFA tutors will show you how to capture and edit your image so that it translates perfectly to print. Whether printing on your own or using a third-party printing service, our professional trainers will have you confident in everything from calibrating your monitor to choosing the right paper for your product.
    Knowing how to understand color and how that translates from a digital file to a print is essential to selling your prints, albums or creating art for your home

Photography students end of year diploma  graduation ceremony at Proline Film Academy
Photography students hands on practical exams at Proline Film Academy

Wedding Photography

Ready to find out what separates wedding Photographers from sought-after wedding photographers?
Where does fashion photography meet wedding photography?

  • Wedding Albums

    Using live demonstrations PFA tutors will take you step-by-step through the creation of a perfect wedding package ? including how to choose the right business model, pose the bride and groom,  design a timeless wedding album that your clients will treasure forever.
    our renowned subject-matter experts are vetted and hand-selected for their ability to teach.

  • Master Retouching Hair

    Hair is one of our most defining physical features and with so much detail and variation, it’s often times the most challenging part of professional retouching, but not anymore! Learn how to rescue details, remove flyaways, add volume, and enhance the definition of hair in any photo. PFA tutors break down every tool and technique in Photoshop to get picture-perfect hair, every time.

  • Communication

    This entire course is to help you communicate and effectively plan for consistently amazing images with every client, every shoot and every situation. PFA overall mission in this course is to create credible images, we shall dive into the four key skills of a successful photographer when it comes to weddings: Technical, Artistic, Understanding and Communication.
    We shall discus five reasons why you should want your wedding photography clients create a mood board. A mood board is basically a visual representation of the overall emotion you want from any shoot.

  • Avoidable Blunders during wedding Photography

    - Backing up without looking behind you.
    - Running out of memory / Bateries
    - Autofoucs beeps / Loud shutters
    - Not having a backup camera
    - Being on Phone infront of guests
    - Stepping onto the bridde's train / Vail
    - Cultural insensitivity ( wearing shoes where they're not allowed)
    - Standing infront of the guests view
    - Standing infront of the vender camera angles
    - Improper wedding attire

01. About Our Advanced Wedding Photography Course: Inside the COURSE CONTENTS


[A] - People wanting to start or grow their wedding photography business.
[B] - Those who want to stand out in a crowded market, win new clients, and convey their worth as full-time wedding photographers.
[C] - Those who want to build strong, trusting relationships with clients so they will recommend you to their friends and family members.
[D] - Photographers wishing to gain the confidence they need to shoot under pressure and deliver perfect, beautiful, meaningful images when it really counts.

Photography student's learning environment at Proline Film Academy


Our film school is recognized as a place dedicated to developing your unique voice as a filmmaker and ultimately the place from which you can launch your career through the work you will produce and the many industry professionals you will meet during your time with us..

Photography student's learning lighting at Proline Film Academy

Pro - Lighting

Part of what makes Proline Film Academy one of the best Media schools in East Africa is the vast variety of film workshops designed for every schedule and learning goal.
Our Media school is the perfect place to turn your passion into practice.

Advanced Photography classroom with state of art at Proline Film Academy

Modern Classes

Our mission is to inspire a new generation of creative professionals. We bring the education and screen industries together in a creative environment, driven by great teaching and practical, hands-on experience, led by inspiring role models.

Onlocation hands on experience with the photography students of 2019 at Proline Film Academy

High-tech gears

Beyond the theory and history of cinema, Our Media school places an emphasis on hands-on experience.
P.F.A offers a wide variety of workshops in filmmaking that allow students to obtain a strong foundation in a short period of time.

Semester One:

  • Foundation of Photography ( Exposure )
  • Foundation of Photography ( Lenses )
  • Foundation of Photography ( Composition )
  • Foundation of Photography ( Specialty Lenses)
  • Foundation of Photography ( Black & White Photography )
  • Foundation of Photography ( Night & Low Light)
    - Communication and Key Skills for Success
    - How to Impress & Establish Value in Meetings
    - Creating and Discussing the Moodboard
    - Create and Discuss the Prefect Timeline
    - Master Foundation Posing for Men
    - Indoor Natural Light: Using What You Have
    - Photographing Groom Details
    - Lighting for Unique Journalistic Moments
    - Must Have Getting Ready Photographs
    - Dramatic Portraits Using Natural Light
    - Lighting for Stylized Portraits
    - Directing for Authentic Moments
  • How to Define your Style & Brand
  • Photoshop for Entrepreneurs
  • Advanced Beauty and Portrait Retouching workflow
    - Foundation Posing for Women
    - The Power of Natural Light
    - Photographing Bridal Details
    - Must Have Getting Ready Photographs
    - Lighting for Creative Bridal Portraits
    - Bridal Party Photojournalism
    - Editorial Bridal Party Photos - Lighting for Sunkissed Bridal Portraits
    - Directing Clients for Authentic Expressions
    - Understanding Posing and Body Language
    - Communication and Cues for Directing
    - Making the Most of Any Location
    - Incredible Portraits When Stuck in a Hotel Room
    - Using Flash to Transform the Scene
    - Working the Bridal Veil Into Portraits
    - Favorite Gear for Couples Portraits

Semester Two:

    - Ceremony Positioning and Movement
    - Capture Fleeting Ceremony Emotion
    - Critical Storytelling Angles
    - Important Details and Close Ups
    - Capture the Perfect Recessional
    - Shooting Cultural Weddings
    - Best Selling Group Portraits
    - Artistry with the Speed of Photojournalism
  • Mastering Selections in Photoshop
  • How to increase Wedding Photography Profits without Raising Prices
  • Introduction to Creative Photoshop Techniques
  • Advanced Masking and Compositing Hair with Photoshop
  • Mastering Compositing in Photoshop
  • Working with Text in Photoshop
  • Mastering Color Management in Photoshop
    - How to Get Published and Create Viral Detail Imagery
    - Challenges, Lighting Issues and Time Constraints
    - How to Develop an Eye for Perfect Details
    - Telling a Story Through Detail Photography
    - Best Angles for Venue and Design
    - Must Have Details for Vendors and Publications
    - Square Cropping and Social Media Best Practices
    - Incorporating Couples into the Details
  • Advanced Lightroom Processing workflow
  • Advanced Black & White Photography & Retouching Techniques
  • How to Boost your Brand in 50 steps
  • How to Pose Family Portraits
  • How to expand beyond Wedding Photography
  • Fashion & Editorial Portrait Photography
  • Advanced retouching with Frequency Separation for Portraits
  • Colored Gel Portraits & Retouching
  • DIY make-Up for Photographers
  • Shooting and Designing Wedding Albums
  • introduction to advanced Headshot Photography
  • Growing Your Instagram Following as a Photographer

Semester Three:

    - Communicating with Presence and Charisma
    - Group Posing Crash Course
    - Symmetrical Group Posing Techniques
    - Editorial Posing Techniques
    - Best Lighting for Group Portraits
    - Large Group Light Composite Techniques
    - Journalism During Group + Family Portraits
    - Creative Family + Group Portraits
  • Advanced workflow with Speed Lights
  • Commercial Retouching workflows
    - Gear + Review of Lighting Techniques
    - Lighting Diagrams for Indoor and Outdoor Venues
    - Grand Entrances: Lighting Methods + Angles
    - First Dance: Lighting Methods and Angles
    - Crafting a Complete Story Through Movement
    - Toasts and Speeches: Lighting Methods + Angles
    - Bouquet & Garter Tosses: Lighting + Angles
    - Cake Cutting: Lighting Methods + Angles
    - Open Dancing: Lighting Methods and Angles
    - Open Dancing: Special FX Techniques
    - When and How to Use Clean Bounce Flash
    - Lighting for Sparkler + Grand Exits
  • Introduction to advanced Commercial Wedding Photography
  • Introduction to Advanced Photoshop Plugins
  • Introduction to Lightroom
  • Photo Editing in Lightroom
  • Professional Layer Styles with Photoshop when making Wedding Albums
  • Fashion Photography Posing & Lighting Techniques
  • Advanced Commercial Beauty Retouching
  • Introduction to advanced Layer Effects in Photoshop
  • Making Books in Lightroom
  • Mastering the Pen Tool and Shape Layers
  • The business of out-door photography & Freelancing
  • Mastering Luminosity Masks in Photoshop
  • Mastering Color & Tone in Photoshop
  • Advanced Photo Manipulation in Photoshop


  • Adobe Photo Shop CC
  • Adobe Light Room CC
  • Imagenomic / Nick Softwares
  • All Compatible Plugins for all main softwares


Many imagine the lifestyle of a photographer to be exotic wherein they meet the rich and the famous and travel first class around the world at someone else’s expense.
Well this can prove to be true for you if you are talented and hard working and you understand that there is no formal career structure in photography.

There is a chance that you might be clicking pictures at the play school in your locality, but you could also be clicking photographs at the Cannes red carpet.

The Work:
Photography offers a number of opportunities and the range of the fields that you can venture into.
Mentioned below are the different career options possible within the realm of photography.

Press Photographers or Photo Journalists provide the press with pictures that are relevant to the daily news and events.
This kind of photography is best done instinctively.
Hence, you need to be spontaneous and know what kind of a picture would best illustrate your article.
If you are adventurous and willing to work under difficult conditions when needed, then this field is probably for you.

• Fashion Photography is the field where one works for fashion houses, designers or individual models.
To be a part of this glamorous world, you must have knowledge about latest fashion trends and you should be willing to be experimental and creative.

• Portrait Photographers are people-oriented photographers who click snaps of individuals.
The subjects range from children to pets, functions to social events etc.
You can also specialize as wedding photographers.

• Industrial Photographers click photographs of machinery, merchandise, industrial layout, workers at work etc.
to be used for company publications and for the purposes of advertising and selling.

• Wildlife Photographers capture the animal kingdom and plant life in its most natural and habitual form.
This kind of photography is a part of Nature photography which also covers landscapes and scenery.
If you love nature and have the ability to capture the perfect sunsets and waterfalls in your camera then this is definitely an option that you could consider.

• Feature Photographers narrate an entire story through the medium of photographs.
Hence to be a feature photographer, you have to have extensive knowledge of the subject that you are dealing with and you should be willing to work at any given time and place.

• Forensic Photographers click photographs at crime scenes from all possible angles with great emphasis on details in order to help the police or detective agencies.

• Fine Art Photographers click photographs which are sold as an art form. To be a fine art photographer, you have to be very creative and expressive.

• Freelancing is the most popular option in this profession.
To be working as a freelancer, you need to have great management skills and the ability to work independently.
You might not know where the next job is coming from and their will be the hassles of keeping accounts.
But, you can be your own boss and find, shoot and sell your own photographs.

• Scientific Photography is used for scientific publications and research reports.
The areas that it covers are biology, medicine, chemistry and engineering.
You have to have both interest and knowledge to be a part of this field.

Personal Attributes and Skills:
To be a photographer, you have to have both creativity and technical knowledge.
You must have that extra quality and interest in visuals, colour, light etc.
The field of photography is constantly changing with the advancement of technology and hence you have to be fast-paced and willing to learn throughout your career.

Photography as a field has no particular or fixed career and salary structure. One has to be very brave to start off as a freelancer.
You would rather begin by working in a studio.
One can start as an assistant to senior photographers in which you’d be paid UGX: 300K. Once you are established, you would be paid as per the assignment.
The range can be from UGX: 1m - 10m.
Fields like commercial photography pay higher compared to the other fields.

What you learn is directly applicable in the work field without insignificant trash.
You are equipped with the ultimate skills for the job, from problem-solving skills, understanding scientific methods to intellectual design skills.