Admission and Residence Application Process at Proline Film Academy:

Admission into Academic Program:
Admission into an academic program at Proline Film Academy (PFA) does not automatically guarantee residence accommodation.
Prospective residents must submit a separate application for accommodation either in person or via email to
It is crucial to apply in a timely manner, given the limited availability of residence spaces on our campus.

Residence Application Approval:
Upon successful evaluation of the residence application, the student will receive a residence occupancy letter via email.
This letter will request the student to pay a deposit equivalent to three months' rent within seven working days.
Proof of payment, along with an acceptance form, must be submitted to the Residence office within three working days, confirming the student's intent to occupy the allocated residence.

Cancellation of Residence Occupancy:
If, after occupying the residence, a student decides not to continue staying in the Residence, they must complete and sign a decline form. This step enables Proline Film Academy to initiate a refund process.

Waiting List for Full Occupancy:
In the event that all residences are fully occupied, waiting lists will be compiled. Students on the waiting list will be contacted (via email or telephone) as soon as a room becomes available.

Deposit and Confirmation:
It is important to note that the residence deposit alone does not confirm a successful application. If offered accommodation and accepted, failure to occupy the room will result in the forfeiture of the entire deposit. Proof of payment should clearly indicate the student's number as the reference. Payments made through our Kampala branch will expedite the reservation process.

Important Considerations:
The demand for accommodation is exceptionally high; therefore, early application is strongly recommended. Accommodation offers are processed on a "first come, first served" basis.

For those seeking alternative housing arrangements, Kampala provides a diverse range of accommodation options to cater to various preferences and budgets. Whether opting for private apartments, students can find residences that align with their study needs while enjoying the vibrant offerings of the city.

To initiate the accommodation application process, please download the accommodation application form here.

Download Accommodation Form Here


Should a student decide to terminate their residence after moving in, Proline Film Academy has implemented a streamlined procedure for cancellation and refund. To initiate this process, the student is required to complete a formal decline form, signaling their intent to vacate the residence.

This structured approach serves a dual purpose: it ensures clear communication of the student's decision and allows Proline Film Academy to efficiently manage the refund process in accordance with our established policies. The completion of the decline form serves as an official request for cancellation, facilitating prompt and accurate processing by our administrative team.

By adhering to this protocol, both the student and Proline Film Academy can navigate the cancellation and refund process with transparency and adherence to our institutional guidelines. We appreciate your cooperation in following these procedures, and if you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Residence office.