Guidelines for international students:

Proline Film Academy distinguishes itself from other performing and visual arts schools in Uganda through the remarkable diversity inherent in our student body, particularly among international students. With more than half of our student population hailing from various countries across Africa and beyond, Proline Film Academy provides an unparalleled environment for students to immerse themselves in a mosaic of cultures while honing their chosen craft. English serves as the primary language of instruction, ensuring a cohesive and inclusive educational experience.

To facilitate the seamless integration of international students into our academic community, Proline Film Academy offers a comprehensive orientation course at the commencement of their studies. This specialized program encompasses counseling, guidance, and small-group tutoring, strategically designed to equip students with the necessary tools to navigate any challenges they may encounter during the course of their studies. The orientation aims to familiarize students with their new academic surroundings, fostering an understanding of the Academy's diverse certificate programs, departments, and administrative structure. Through this thoughtful approach, Proline Film Academy endeavors to provide a supportive and enriching educational journey for all its students, irrespective of their cultural backgrounds.

Course Details Student's Projects

General School Requirements

Student requirements

To ensure optimal engagement in our film courses, students are required to possess their own laptops or PCs for independent work and homework assignments, as we provide all necessary film tools and computers at our main studios, Proline Studios. Active participation and independent practical work are integral components of the curriculum.

Attendance is a key factor in maximizing the benefits of our film courses, with a minimum requirement of 80% attendance to qualify for the full course package.
To enroll in any of our film courses, prospective students are invited to download the Registration Form and Brochure from our website, which provides comprehensive details on course structures and fees. Upon completion, please scan the filled form and submit it along with two passport photos to

Upon receipt of your booking, we will promptly email you a confirmation along with instructions on how to proceed with the payment for your selected course. We look forward to welcoming you to Proline Film Academy.

New Students at P.F.A:

Guidelines for New Students at P.F.A:

For non-Ugandan applicants, please be aware that we cannot issue a confirmation of acceptance for studies until we receive full payment of the course fees.
As the language of instruction at Proline Film Academy is English, we offer an English for Foreigners Language course titled "English Language and Culture 1." This course is specifically designed for new film students from non-English-speaking countries with limited prior knowledge of the English language.

This course is highly recommended for students who seek to familiarize themselves with the English language, culture, and the country itself. It is also suitable for those aiming to acquire basic language skills, incorporating various exercises such as vocabulary building, language structure, presentations, group work, and discussions.

In addition to language learning, the course provides insights into Uganda, including its culture, film industry, theater, design, and modern art, offering a comprehensive introduction to the broader cultural context of your studies at Proline Film Academy.


Visa information for International Students

Student Pass:
This is granted to foreign nationals above the age of 4 years enrolled in a learning institution in Uganda. This can be for 3 months, 6 months & 12 months.

. Proline Film Academy does note issue student visas, you can only apply through the imigration portal
Please also check out our Admissions Privacy Policy.

  • Valid Student ID Card
  • Passport Copy (Bio Data Page) with at least 6 months’ validity
  • Recent Passport-size Photograph
  • Support Letter from School
  • Admission letter from school
  • Current immigration status (visa or previous pass)
  • Where the child is below 18 years, immigration status and identification of the parent/guardian
Fees Structure for the Pass
USD 100 and this is payable at the point of application. This is a standard fee for any period that has been granted. East African nationals are exempted from this fee.
Steps for Application
Step 1: Log into the Immigration Portal and select start new application
Step 2: Accept the terms and conditions displayed in the Disclaimer.
Step 3: Select the visa or permit type, category and sub category
Step 4: Complete the application form
Step 5: Upload the required documents; a six-digit application ID eg. (234790123) is automatically generated as the reference number
Step 6: Make payment for applications that require prepayment.
Step 7: Upon approval, for application that don’t require top up payment, an approval letter will be generated and emailed to the applicant on the home page
Step 8: Upon approval, make a top up payment for applications that require a top up payment. After payment an approval letter is generated and emailed to the client
Step 9: Report to the immigration office/ border for biometric capture with all documents uploaded, payment receipts, approval letter and passport

Non East African Member State

Important Notice for Non-Ugandan

For foreign nationals planning to study in Uganda, it is imperative to be aware of the following guidelines:

1: Obtain a Uganda visa (if visa-prone) to facilitate entry into the country. Uganda visas can be obtained at Uganda missions abroad or upon arrival at the designated ports of entry.

2: Enter and exit Uganda only through authorized ports of entry.

3:Present a valid passport to the Immigration officer at the port of entry.

4: Clearly declare the purpose of entry into Uganda and specify the intended institution of training.

5: Upon entry, proceed to the designated immigration office to obtain a student pass for studying in Uganda.

All immigrants in Uganda must adhere to national immigration laws, guidelines, and formalities. Visas and student passes do not authorize gainful or voluntary employment in Uganda.
For East African Community nationals studying or intending to study in Uganda, student passes are obtainable at designated immigration offices at no cost. Other nationals should pay the required visa fees at the bank.

It is important to note that Proline Film Academy fully cooperates with Uganda immigration in monitoring and controlling non-Ugandan citizens entering the country for educational purposes. This collaboration includes the disclosure of information about individual students regarding their status, mode of study, attendance, and contact details.
If you require a student visa to study in Uganda, we offer assistance with the entire processing to secure your student visa and reserve your place at Proline Film Academy. Learn more...