01: Introduction:

As a registered provider of higher education, Proline Film Academy has published a Student Protection Plan which sets out how continuation and quality of study will be preserved for current and potential students if a risk to their continued study crystallises. The Student Protection Plan draws on Proline Film Academy's experience and is designed to assure current and future students that Proline Film Academy has appropriate arrangements in place to protect continuation of study. It outlines the types of risks that might apply and explains the approach Proline Film Academy would take if these risks were to materialise.
In addition to the Student Protection Plan, Proline Film Academy is required to adopt a Refund and Compensation Policy setting out the circumstances in which Proline Film Academy will refund tuition fees and other relevant costs to students and provide compensation where necessary if Proline Film Academy is no longer able to preserve continuation of study for one or more students.
The Student Protection Plan identifies this as an unlikely risk but Proline Film Academy recognises that if it were to occur, affected students should receive a refund of fees and appropriate compensation in accordance with this policy.
Proline Film Academy considers refunds and compensation to be a remedy of last resort and is committed to using its best endeavours to ensure all students are able to continue and complete their studies at Proline Film Academy. It is however important to explain how Proline Film Academy will refund or compensate students if PFA is unable to preserve that continuity of study.

This policy covers situations as follows:

  1. where a student withdraws from a course for a variety of reasons:
  2. where Proline Film Academy makes a change to a course:

02: Student Withdrawal

14 Days Cooling-Off Period:
If you accept the School's offer by means of distance communication (i.e., there has been no face-to-face contact between the School and you at the time you accept the offer) you have a legal right to cancel the Contract at any time within 14 days from the date the Contract is formed i.e., from your payment of the deposit. (“Cancellation Period”).

You must inform PFA of your decision to cancel within the Cancellation Period by writing to us: Proline Film Academy Admissions Office, or email the School’s Admissions Office at study@prolinefilmacademy.com or telephone +256 758 199999. A template cancellation form is provided in your offer letter. If you call to inform the Admissions Office/International Office of your decision to cancel the offer of a place to study at PFA, you must also confirm in writing either by email or letter.
The cancellation period and your right to cancel the Contract without liability will expire after 14 days from the day that you accepted your Offer.

03: Cancellation Before Enrolment:

To exercise your right to cancel, you must inform Admissions, Proline Film Academy , Byandala Building, Level:2, Katwe Road, Kampala - Uganda, P.O.Box : 71083, Kampala - Uganda ( East Africa ) Tel: +256 774 189 999, +256 758 199 999. of your decision to cancel the Contract by a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or email), including your name, address and the programme for which you accepted an offer. This does not affect your statutory rights.
If you have paid a deposit and you cancel within the Cancellation Period we will reimburse you for all payments received from you. We will make the reimbursement without undue delay and not later than 30 days from the date the school receives your decision in writing to cancel this Agreement.


All refunds will be returned to the original payer by the original payment method; this is known as “return to source” in compliance with applicable money laundering legislation. Refunds are not payable or transferable to third parties. Proline Film Academy shall not be liable for any currency fluctuations or bank charges (including refund processing charges) when returning payments.
Where there are exceptional circumstances these will be dealt with entirely at The School’s discretion on a case-by-case basis.

04: Unsuccessful Visa Application:

If you are an international student requiring a visa to study in Uganda and your application, made in good faith and within the timelines and guidance we provide, is unsuccessful, we will refund the full amount paid including your deposit upon presentation of the official documentation from your local embassy or consulate and a copy of your visa application at least 21 days prior to the course start date.

05: Conditions of offer not being met:

If you do not achieve the conditions of the offer made to you, you must notify the school within 14 working days of receiving your results that you have been unsuccessful in meeting the conditions of your offer. We will refund the full amount paid, including your deposit on presentation of the official documentation showing the results achieved.

06. Change to a Course:

6.1 Where we need to make changes to a course, we will, assess the potential impact of such change on our students and will follow the principles set out in this section. The School is always looking to improve and enhance students’ experience with us, and we will engage in dialogue with our students throughout their studies, as well as with our teaching staff, and will actively seek feedback from these groups about how we can improve our service delivery to our students.

07. When we can make changes to the Contract:

  1. To reflect changes in the law and/or professional, regulatory and/or statutory body and/or National Council for Higher Education requirements;
  2. As required by government policy, regulatory requirements and/or guidance and/or a decision of a competent court or similar body;
  3. To comply with any requirement set by the Office for Students and/or any other funding body;
  4. To comply with accrediting body requirements;
  5. To deal with unavoidable changes in our academic and/or support staff;
  6. To address and/or to take steps in response to a security threat;
  7. To incorporate sector good practice guidance;
  8. In light of student feedback and/or external examiners’ feedback;
  9. To reflect material developments in academic teaching, research and/or professional standards and/or requirements;
  10. Minimum enrolment numbers / fall in future enrolment numbers;
  11. Withdrawal of any relevant accreditation;
  12. To reflect changes made by a placement provider and/or withdrawal of a placement by a placement provider
  13. To reflect changes made by a collaborative partner and/or the requirements of a collaborative partner
  14. For any other valid reason.

08. What type of changes may be made?

Minor Changes (non-exhaustive list of examples)

  1. Reasonable changes to the timetable for delivery of your Course;
  2. Reasonable changes to the number of classes/lectures and other teaching activity relating to the Course;
  3. Reasonable changes to the methods by which the Course is delivered and/or assessed;
  4. Reasonable variations to the content and syllabus of the Course;
  5. Changes to the location of your Course teaching facilities, provided these are within the same campus and/or provided they are of equivalent quality as those advertised by us;
  6. Additions and/or withdrawals of certain non-core modules on your Course;
  7. Changes to reading lists to deal with changes in the relevant subject area relating to your Course to ensure the same remains as up to date as possible;
  8. Procedural changes to our Student Handbook that help improve the same to your benefit;

Major Changes (non-exhaustive list of examples)

  1. To make additions and/or withdrawals of certain core/compulsory modules on your Course;
  2. To implement more significant changes to our Courses;
  3. Changing our security procedures to such an extent as may materially impact on the way that you previously acted when on campus with us;
  4. Significant changes to the location or specification of your Course teaching facilities, which could include moving the Course to a different campus or a location that is not located near the original delivery campus.
  5. To make significant changes to our Student Handbook that help improve them where the same are not to your benefit.

09. How we will tell you about changes to the Course

  1. For minor changes, we will notify you via our student portal of any amendments by providing you with as much notice as is in our view appropriate in the circumstances. Where possible, we will look to provide this notice to you in advance, but this may not always be possible.
  2. For major changes, we will notify you via our student portal and via email as soon as possible, and in any event, generally no later than 1 month before we are due to make the relevant change.

10. Withdrawal of Course Pre-commencement

There may be times where we need to discontinue the Course or decide not to provide the Course or to merge or combine the Course with other Courses of study if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the School. If the School decides to take such action prior to the Course commencing, then it will use reasonable endeavours to notify you in advance and you shall be entitled to cancel this Contract by written notice to the School. In these circumstances you will be entitled to a refund of any deposit / fees which you have paid to the School.

11. Withdrawal of Course Post-commencement

There may also be times where we need to discontinue the Course or to merge or combine the Course with other courses after the Course has commenced. In these circumstances we will take reasonable steps to seek to:

  1. Offer you a place on an alternative course at the School (subject to place availability and you complying with the requirements of admission to and registration on that Course); or
  2. (at your request) assist you to join another course at another PFA branch, and (if appropriate), issue you with a refund of the Fees paid.